Luke Kilpatrick

Sand City, California and Oakley, California

Luke Kilpatrick started as web site developer in 1996, transitioning to managing technology communities in 2007. In 2010 Luke moved to marketing program management as his full time role on VMware's social media marketing team. 2012 saw Luke at Sencha working in developer relations programs as well as focused social media, speaking at events around the world. For 4 years he managed Atlassian's developer events and programs, then built Nutanix's DevOps Marketing practice from the ground up. Luke has recently worked at Hazelcast and LinearB where he built out their developer experience programs.

He is currently looking for his next adventure in Developer Relations, Developer Marketing, Product Marketing or Product Managment.


Director of Developer Marketing and Developer Advocacy


Created the developer experience at LinearB.

Launched /:\ gitStream to help bring Continuous Merge to make developers lives better.

Launched to give a home for developers building with LinearB products.

Spoke at events around the world brining CM/CI/CD pipelines to the industry.

Built documentation at, blogs and presentations for use across the company.Created the developer experience at LinearB.

Jun 2022 - Jan 2023

Senior Director, Head of Developer Experience


Building Hazelcast's Developer Relations and Community Programs

Implemented tools such as Orbit and Bevy to allow for easy management and tracking of programs

Launched a new developer portal to allow for easy access to training, docs and community for technical personas

Lead a team of advocates speaking at conferences around the world both in person and virtually

May 2021 - May 2022

Director, DevOps Marketing


Managed a team of 4 to drive DevOps adoption in the largest companies in the world using Nutanix Products.

Founded the Developer and DevOps Marketing practice at Nutanix growing from the initial hire to an active team of 5 in 18 months.

Managed and spoke at successful events around the world, including Copenhagen, London, Tokyo, Anaheim and more.

Drove the re-launch of the public home for all technical content for Nutanix APIs, Labs, Code samples and technical blogs.

Speaker at Future Developer Summit 2019 and DevRelCon San Francisco on starting a Developer Marketing and Relations practice from scratch. Speaker at DevRelCon London 2019 about bringing DevOps to developer marketing.

Launched a successful Twitch channel Live! that broadcasts every other week to an audience around the world.

Author two chapters in Developer Marketing and Relations: The Essential Guide -

Jun 2018 - Apr 2021

Senior Developer Programs Manager


Created, managed and programmed seven app development weeks with 60-100 developers attending over 280 new and updated apps for the Atlassian Marketplace have been the product of these events over the past 2 years with NPS Scores from 74-86

Lead three annual worldwide online hackathons (Codegeist) resulting in over 1500 new developers and 314 new apps into the Atlassian Marketplace, Codegeist is unique in hackathons in that it returns its financial investment in under 6 months

Managed the Platforms and API track for Atlassian Summit 2015 and 2016, having highest attended and among the best NPS scored sessions both years.

Lead the Custom Fit Atlassian track for Summit working with Domino's Pizza, Moody's Financial, WeWork, Volkswagen and Eli Lilly to showcase how different industries use Atlassian products and ecosystem apps to manage their businesses.

Speaker at Summit 2014 and Master of Ceremonies for Atlassian Summits and AtlasCamps 2014-2017 Program managed Atlascamp, Atlassian’s developer conference growing attendance from 135 in 2014 to over 600 in 2017. Expanded the conference from 10 sessions in 2014 to over 40 sessions in 2017

Developed documentation and tutorials for on-boarding new developers to the Atlassian Connect framework for PHP, Nodejs, and Spring Boot

Nurtured several Atlassian apps from concept, to development, to marketplace listing. Stepshot, Upwork, inVision, Good Software and Test Fairy were just a few of the companies I worked with

Developed the ecosystem showcase at Atlassian Summit Europe 2016 which has resulted in thousands of new installs of the 24 showcased vendor apps Finalist in five internal hackathons (ShipIt), four of the five projects are used by the company on a daily basis. (Atlassian Arcade, LED Lightbulbs, Legal Service Desk, Atlassian Training Add-on)

May 2014 - Jun 2018

Developer Programs Manager / Developer Evangelist


Developed and executed Sencha's social media plan growing the follower base by ~80% in 18 months

Edited and shot the video for Sencha Fastbook, reaching 150k+ plays and over 900k views on Vimeo

Coordinated with influencers such as Robert Scoble, Dion Almaer and others in the technology and social media community to bring Sencha's message to a wider audience

Ran 12+ successful webinars averaging 1500+ registrations and a 50% attendance rate as well as the campaigns supporting these

Implemented social media tools and metrics across the organization

Managed global real world meetup communities in 10 countries, speaking at several events in Stockholm, Malmo, London, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Austin, TX.

Aug 2012 - Feb 2014

Director of Social Media and Community


Produced and Directed Videos for distribution on youtube and other online media channels

Implemented a website re-developement from a static ASP site to a Drupal cloud based content management system.

Trained executives, sales people and team members in the use of social media

Expanded the following of our twitter accounts and created our Facebook presence

Represented Virtustream at SXSW for the Cloudy Awards in Austin, TX generating leads and brand awareness to the interactive community.

Oct 2011 - Mar 2012

Social Media Marketing Manager and Producer


Encouraged teams at VMware to develop marketing strategies to better communicate to customers, partners and the public through social media

Primary voice of @VMware on Twitter and VMware's Facebook Page.

Designed and managed the first version of the VMware Video Studio. This involved producing, directing and editing videos for both internal and external use with rapid turn around. The results can be seen in the VMwareTV YouTube channel

Assisted in the social media strategy and produced much of the social media content for VMworld 2010 in San Francisco on the VMware Twitter and Facebook accounts. Provided up to the minute information for 17k+ attendees.

Created and ran a portable live video broadcast studio in Copenhagen for VMworld 2010 producing 9 hours of video in 3 days. After the live broadcast the videos were then uploaded to YouTube then promoted across VMware's social media channels.

Marketing Award for Passion - Received for creating and implementing technology strategy for The Q3 National Prospecting Day resulting in over 1,000 new opportunities for VMware.

Promoted, attended and produced videos for VMware Forums across North America. Helping drive over 1000 people to each of the 9 free shows across the Continent.

Apr 2010 - Sep 2011

More Experience Can be found on Linkedin


Seneca College

Digital Media Technical Production
1999 - 2001


My main passion is water, I am often found on it, in it, drinking an aged distilled form of it or under it.

I surf most mornings on the coast and I always find my day starts better when I wake up with a 53°F dip in the ocean.

When I am traveling I seek out some of the best cocktail bars in the world and have visited over 50 of them.

Scuba diving is a newer hobby that I started in 2012 and have had the joy of experincing the Great Barrier Reef, Key Largo and the Mediterranean as well as diving in Monterey and off of California's coast.